Core aeration in the Spring/Fall is very important in relieving thatch and compaction in the soil so that water and other nutrients can penetrate the roots. Overseeding is often performed at the same time to help achieve a thicker lawn.

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core aeration

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Grubs and other insects can be a major problem for lawns if left untreated. We offer both preventive and curative treatments to help rid your lawn of damaging insects.

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Weeds taking over? We can help. We'll treat your lawn with the proper herbicides to kill your current weed coverage, and set up a treatment plan to control existing weeds in the future.

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At Stay Green Turf Care, we take great pride in giving our customers the peace of mind to come home to a healthy, green, weed free lawn. With a professional, no hassle approach, we won't rely on over aggressive salespeople to try to lure you into larger treatment packages. We feel confident that our personal commitment to each customer's lawn will speak for itself and separate us from the larger franchise companies that rely on over the phone quotes and never step foot on your property to give you the absolute best options for treatment. With each call to Stay Green Turf Care, we'll send out a licensed professional to analyze your lawns current conditions and needs, and then prepare a proven, successful treatment plan to ensure you'll come home to a healthy lawn, with more time to relax with your family and worry less about the numerous problems that come with an untreated lawn. So call today, and let's see how we can help you.